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Imagine traveling to new courses every week enjoying countless memories with teammates that will become lifetime friends. You will be doing all of this while earning a degree that is being paid for. It is difficult to earn a college golf scholarship but at college bound golfers we have set up services to help you reach that dream.

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What are the Chances of Playing college golf?

  • On average there are 148,823 high school boys that play golf every year and 72,582 girls.
  • Yes this means there is some serious competition considering there are only 12,162 men and 6,728 women that play.
  • This means that 12.2 percent of men and 15.8 percent of women move on to the collegiate lever.
  • Unfortunately only 25 percent of those collegiate athletes have scholarships.
  • We have put together numerous plans to help you be one of the few that manage to get a scholarship!

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